Through various in-house, agency and contractor roles, I have had the privilege to work for more than 40 brands, including:

  • National and multi-national (I’ve worked both at regional level, e.g. I led the UK digital marketing function of global blood cancer charity DKMS, and in global marketing offices, e.g. I led the global digital function of B2B environmental non-profit CDP)
  • B2B and B2C
  • Large, medium and small, incl. start-ups
  • Charities, social enterprise, other nonprofits and private sector
  • Sustainability/ESG, health, automotive/road safety, direct democracy, finance, FMCG, technology and entertainment industry sectors

    Since 2014, my focus has been on purpose-driven brands.

Some of the brands I have worked with

Since 2014, I have been focusing solely on purpose-driven brands.

Let’s discuss your situation and how I can leverage my experience in sustainability, strategic marketing, stakeholder engagement and targets hitting to help your team:

  • Achieve agreed objectives
  • Set your organisation up for scalable success
  • Boost your brand’s impact
  • Love what they do