Slavina Marketing

Slavina Marketing.
An independent marketing & digital consultant

Helping sustainability-conscious brands win hearts and minds and achieve scalable success with happy, high-performing teams.

Ethical marketing and digital with demonstrable impact

Sounds familiar?

  • You want help with assessing the impact of your marketing/digital or setting a strategic direction to it so it drives organisational goals – be it market share, income, volume targets, legislative/environmental/societal change or else.
  • You need an external perspective on ways to boost effectiveness in your marketing/digital operations.
  • You have a gap in your marketing or digital team and need expert help with leading, overseeing or evaluating a project. Someone skilled that you can trust. Someone that will bring passion, integrity and energy, understand your situation and work flexibly to drive tangible impact.
  • You want to nurture, grow and scale digital marketing talent and expertise in your organisation.
  • You want to break down marketing/digital silos, bond your team, improve cross-function collaboration and drive scalable success
  • You need help with another marketing/digital challenge.

    If so, let’s chat.

How Slavina Marketing adds value

With increasingly turbulent times, crowded marketplaces, decreasing attention span and evolving regulation, digital landscape, customer and funder expectations, gaining visibility and success can be a challenge.

I help sustainability-conscious brands use marketing and digital strategically to cut through the noise, drive impact and scalable success – with the right data, resources, skills and governance.

I deliver meaningful value through an approach led by organisational objectives and data, market analysis and customer insight. All while developing sustainable and scalable solutions, with happy high-performing teams.

The below areas of support are backed by my real-life experience and track record at smashing targets. They also reflect best practice and trends.

I measure my success by your success. With joint efforts, we can accelerate action towards resilience and a regenerative, fair future.

Marketing strategy

I can help you define who you need to influence, sell to, convert or convince, what to offer and where, when and how to engage with your audiences. This includes plans, measurement, resources, skills, data and governance for achieving your goals and setting your organisation up for long-term success. See more

Digital marketing audit

I can audit your digital marketing channels, platforms, technology, skills or providers against your objectives, best practice and competitors. As part of the report with findings, I will develop a roadmap for improved utilisation and impact of your digital assets, in alignment with relevant stakeholders. See more

Operating plans and optimisation

From annual content or digital marketing plans and marketing campaigns/programmes/ technology projects to aligned marketing operations across business functions, I provide guidance, oversight, evaluation and advice for key plans/activity and optimisation. Thus, enable collaboration and effectiveness. See more

Skilled and happy teams

I provide support with recruiting, building, bonding, growing, mentoring and coaching marketing/digital talent and functions. I help your teams capture/retain knowledge, onboard and grow talent at scale, inspire and learn from each other, peers and best practice. And ultimately, boost resilience, synergise, improve continuously & love what they do. See more
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Interim services

Have a gap in your team, need a boost to your resources or want to make a business case for a new role in your team? I can provide interim cover for an existing or a new strategic marketing/digital lead role or outsourced support. Thus, provide vital support to your team and give you peace of mind. See more

Meet founder Slavina Dimitrova

I am a high-achieving marketing and digital consultant with a master’s degree in Public Communication. I have more than 17 years of experience at developing, executing and evaluating holistic marketing and communications strategies, plans and campaigns that drive growth and impact.

In the past 10 years, a key focus for me has been digital marketing.

Passionate about marketing, digital and making a difference to people and planet by inspiring others, driving continuous improvement and scalable success through clarity, collaboration, empathy and effectiveness.

I love what I do. I instil my energy and passion in others, while driving results and long-term solutions.

Read more about me and how I work.

Brands Slavina Dimitrova has worked with

Through various in-house, agency and contractor roles, I have had the privilege to work with more than 40 brands. Here’s a snapshot of them.

See other brands I have helped.

What working with Slavina Dimitrova is like

What people I have worked with say:

“Slavina Marketing helped us turn social data into actionable insights. This niche project was delivered with impeccable attention to detail. It was great to work with Slavina, her professionalism and expertise brought a fresh approach to the project and objectives were achieved seamlessly. Her creative perspective and excellent communication has left the door open for future collaboration.”
Morgan McCabe and the Clinical Affairs team at Lansinoh

“Slavina is an amazing digital and marketing expert. She brings incredible knowledge in her field, and excellent leadership qualities, with a strategic, results-driven approach. Slavina is an incredibly collaborative and supportive colleague, with a talent for getting the best out of others.”
Helena Cicmil, CDP

“Slavina is a talented and incredibly strategic marketer and digital professional. She always puts the audience at the heart of her work, and she values data and insight as a basis for making informed and logical decisions. She has a fantastically diverse background in marketing & communications across the commercial and charity sectors, which means she brings a unique perspective to her projects. She challenges assumptions, offers creative ideas and always aims to get the very best outcome for the audience – and the organisation. She is also one of the kindest, most driven and enthusiastic people I’ve ever worked with – so I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her as a fantastic partner for your work.”
Anna Frodsham, DKMS

“Slavina has been everything and more as a mentor; she’s knowledgeable, supportive and challenges me to think differently. Every time I’ve needed guidance, Slavina has been there to lend a helping hand, from support with job applications, advice for managing challenging conversations to longer term career decisions. Within this, she’s also consistently demonstrated how agile and flexible she is with last minute requests for help, particularly with job applications and interviews.

My original goals for seeking out a mentor included getting advice and support from someone highly experienced in digital marketing after taking on a new, more digitally focused marketing role, as well as general career development. Throughout our 18-month mentoring relationship, I’ve become a line manager to a team of marketers so required mentorship in a completely different area to where I originally wanted to focus my efforts. Slavina has been able to coach me across every aspect, which really is a testament to her experience, expertise and adaptability.

Since working with Slavina in June 2021, I have a clearer vision on what I want to achieve within my marketing career, I understand what values are most important to me (through undertaking useful exercises recommended by Slavina) and I feel like I’m now an inspiring and confident manager. Slavina’s support with my application and interview was also instrumental to my successful internal promotion to my current role as a manager.

I would highly recommend Slavina as a mentor – I feel incredibly lucky that I hit the jackpot with someone so approachable and knowledgeable in a range of areas, from coaching and using data for decision making to strategy and driving change – and everything in between!

Thank you so much to Slavina for her unwavering commitment and dedication to supporting me with my career. I’m looking forward to continuing to work with her.”
Hannah George, Senior Product Marketing Officer, Prostate Cancer UK

Read more feedback about me and my achievements on LinkedIn.

Let’s discuss your situation and how I can leverage my experience in sustainability, strategic marketing, stakeholder engagement and targets hitting to help your team:

  • Achieve agreed objectives
  • Set your organisation up for scalable success
  • Boost your brand’s impact
  • Love what they do