Skilled and happy teams

Skilled and happy teams

Photo by Erik Kartis on Unsplash

Econsutlancy’s Skills of the Modern Marketer report highlights that marketers need to balance knowledge of the principles of marketing, such as marketing management, strategy and tactics, with core marketing skills, such as branding and specialist, digital marketing skills. Yet, the majority (90%) of marketers agree that there is a digital skills gap within marketing teams.

A lack of people with the right skills can impact marketing transformation and ultimately, the ability to be competitive. 

The fast-changing digital marketing landscape and platforms algorithms make it particularly challenging to fill marketers’ skills gap. Especially for stretched teams juggling multiple priorities.

But you don’t have to do it all alone. Using my qualifications, knowledge and experience in marketing, emotional intelligence, empathic communication and mental health skills for managers, I will help you:

  • Recruit, build, bond, grow, mentor or coach marketing and digital functions/talent with clear responsibilities, alignment of individual and team objectives, high performance and enjoyment of their work
  • Steer processes for retaining and scaling marketing/digital knowledge and capabilities, faster and more efficient onboarding  
  • Source external marketing or digital communications resource
  • Drive decentralisation and embedding of marketing and digital across your organisation to scale upskilling and a sustainable organisational growth
  • Help individuals and teams in your organisation develop and improve marketing and digital skills, gain confidence in them, inspire and learn from each other in a safe (non-judgemental) environment and adopt best practice

Let’s discuss your situation and how I can leverage my experience in sustainability, strategic marketing, stakeholder engagement and targets hitting to help your team:

  • Achieve agreed objectives
  • Set your organisation up for scalable success
  • Boost your brand’s impact
  • Love what they do