Hello, I am Slavina Dimitrova. A high-achieving marketing and digital consultant with a master’s degree in Public Communication, certification in Sustainability and Circular Economy and 5.5-year background in sustainability. I

have more than 17 years of experience at developing, executing and evaluating holistic marketing strategies, plans and campaigns – from testing new markets and launching new brands and products, to shifting and enhancing brand positioning, driving organisations’ growth and increasing their impact.

In the past 11 years, a key focus for me has been digital marketing. This includes auditing, driving strategy, managing and overseeing digital marketing channels, setting up & leading high-performing digital marketing functions, organisation-wide digital marketing upskilling as well as driving processes, marketing technology development/utilisation and structures that deliver/exceed organisational objectives and mission.

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My vision and mission

Vision: A world where we put more in nature than we take, have strong and fair communities, and feel hopeful for our future and the future of next generations.

Mission: Catalyse hope-inducing and evidence-driven action towards a regenerative world and fair society – by helping changemakers reach and engage key audiences, with propositions that touch hearts and minds, and with clear impact. And do so ethically, efficiently and with happy, high-performing teams.

Who Slavina Marketing works with and how

I’m passionate about marketing, digital and making a difference to people and planet by inspiring others, driving continuous improvement and sustainable growth through clarity, collaboration, empathy and efficiency.

I work with organisations that have environmentally- or socially-conscious ethos and purpose. I take an anti-greenwashing approach, underpinned by mutually agreed goals, honesty and integrity.

My priority is to deliver value to you. Not only short-term gains, but also sustainable solutions for your organisation, income and impact with happy, high-performing teams.

My success is your success. Your success is success for our planet and its people.


I use an approach driven by strategic organisational goals and data, market analysis, customer insight and best practice. A mix of science, creativity and gut feeling.

I bring passion, commitment and belief. I can help you generate high-quality demand and engagement, construct a customer journey map that guides those leads towards organisational objectives and ultimately to becoming your advocates by:

  • Assessing the problem/opportunity to be addressed with marketing/digital
  • Setting the strategic direction for solving it (the who, the what, the where, the when and the how)
  • Collaborating with your stakeholders to capture insight, involve them in relevant decisions and ensure buy-in and alignment
  • Developing, leading, overseeing or providing recommendations for marketing or digital plans, data and measurement, resources and governance to achieve organisational goals with sustainable solutions.

Your organisation will enjoy impactful marketing and digital that scale, results that motivate your team and performance that impresses your funders.

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My story

The mountain near my home town

I grew up in a small town in Bulgaria, next to a big mountain. Most of the food I grew up with was my grandparents’ produce and livestock or from local farms – all grown sustainably. I used to help my grandparents grow and preserve various crops, fruits and vegetables, and look after livestock.

We had ongoing water and electricity shortages. Running water was supplied only at certain times in the day – usually in the mornings and evenings. In some winters, we had restricted energy supply too.

The variety of goods in shops was also limited, as well as the supply of common foods. It wasn’t unusual for people to queue in shops for an hour or so, including during times when electricity was off (as part of energy rationing).

This has instilled a life-long love and respect in me for the environment, social causes and a conscious consumer mindset. It’s driven me to support various initiatives and organisations to help people and planet both in personal and professional capacity. And ultimately, it’s motivated me to focus on helping sustainability-conscious brands help build a regenerative and equitable future. 

Slavina Dimitrova’s qualifications

Higher education

11/2005 – 07/2006
Master’s degree in Public Communication (Sofia University, Bulgaria)
Highlights: Integrated Marketing Communications, Advertising, Online PR, PR and Social Conflicts, Social Prognosis, Media Finance Management

10/2001 – 07/2005
Bachelor of Public Relations (Sofia University, Bulgaria)
Highlights: Corporate Reputation Building, Advertising, Media Management, Crisis Management, Social Psychology


Sustainability and circular economy (Birmingham Enterprise Community, BEC)

– Marketing Attribution and Mix Modelling (LinkedIn Learning)
– Digital Marketing (Econsultancy)
– Modern Marketing (Econsultancy)

Mental Health First Aid (MHFA England)

– Mental Health Knowledge for Managers (MHFA England)
– Google Ads & Ad Grant Management (Jason Williams
– Nonviolent (emphatic) communication (NVC Resolutions)

– Working with Emotional Intelligence (Hamsley Fraser)
– Advanced Email Marketing (Emarketeers)

Managing for Managers (dsc)

– Developing a digital strategy (PRCA)
– Moving into Management (dsc)

– Inbound Marketing (Hubspot)
– Awaken your creativity (PRCA)

– Negotiation
– Time management
– Stress management
– Brainstorming techniques

How Slavina Marketing helps